Complete Expats Guide to Safely Relocate to Belize 

Start your new life by having the right answers to questions you didn't know to ask that could save you thousands of dollars when buying a property in Belize and moving with the fewest hassles.

Stop wasting hours searching online for incomplete information. 
Save thousands of dollars when making an offer from a trusted agent.
Start your new life guilt-free knowing you made the right choice.

Macarena Rose


Past President Belize National Association of REALTORS

Serving expats, investors, and Belize residents for 20 years.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Couldn't have asked for a better Real Estate purchasing experience. Macarena was a joy to work with. 

Kariem Bassiem


I am PROUD to say i have been working with Macarena Rose,and her incredibly talented real estate team for the past 21 years! 

Louis Cappello


Buyers, they know their stuff and after your purchase can connect you with other services you may need in your new community. 10 stars for their excellent work!

Amanda Cyphers
Seller and Buyer

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If you are thinking about buying or selling a property in Belize, the next step is scheduling a call with Macarena Rose or one of her team members. You will be sent a comprehensive guide that shares answers to frequently asked questions so you can prepare yourself ahead of time. You cannot afford to make a costly mistake attempting to buy a property in Belize on your own.

Here's What We Can Do For You

Why Belize? Why Now?

Soaring inflation, high cost of living, and companies with flexible work from home options make Belize the perfect destination. Open-hearted communities are abundant here and so is the fresh produce too.

Belize Market Overview

You get two Belize dollars for the price of $1USD. You can choose properties in every price range, live inland or on an island, and make a positive contribution working in an emerging market.

Living Inland or on an Island

There are 450 islands to choose from in Belize. Or if you prefer to live in the rainforest in a tropical fauna, you have that option too. We will help you find the right option that matches the lifestyle you want to live.

Work From Home in Belize

You might start out as a tourist and then won't want to go back. We will share how our clients have earned residency status in Belize while maintaining employment in their country of origin.

Immigration Consultation

Following the immigration laws are critical to living and staying in Belize so officials don't send you back. We will explain how to extend your tourist permit, obtain a work permit, and how to apply for residency.

Virtual Tours Before You Arrive

Before we charter a boat to tour island properties or rent an ATV to see the jungle, we will provide a first-hand tour of properties available for sale before you jump on an airplane or get in your car.

Contract Negotiation

Property prices online are not always the same and dealing with real estate agent ethics aren't either. It's important you have a representative who acts as a fiduciary so you can avoid being taken advantage of.

Alliance with Trusted Providers

You need to know who to trust when you don't know anyone in a foreign country. We have relationships with professional service providers who have years earning a positive reputation servicing our clients.

Build New Construction on Lots

There is an abundant supply of land to buy in Belize. Finding the right builder, sourcing your preferred construction materials, and evaluating the land are services we can coordinate with you.

Risk Mitigation

After 20 years of selling properties in Belize, we can assure you we have seen everything you can imagine and events you don't want to know about. We remove as much risk as possible by preparing you in advance.

Commissions, Costs, and Taxes

We disclose our real estate commissions upfront so there are no surprises at closing. We help you calculate closing costs and identify the taxes you will pay when you buy or sell your property in Belize.

Home, Moving & Car Insurance

Your lifestyle and personal belonging will determine how much to expect to budget in advance before you move. When you move to Belize, you need to know the different types of insurance to protect yourself.

Talk to a Seasoned Belize Agent

Avoid spending countless hours online across multiple websites that have outdated, incorrect, or unorganized information. Once you speak with someone from our team, you will know exactly the next steps to turn your dream of owning a property in Belize a reality.

Free 'no Obligation' Discussion

Book Your Time for a No-Obligation Call with Our Belize Real Estate Experts

What Our Clients Have to Say

I am a land developer in the country of Belize for the past 21 years... I am PROUD to say i have been working with Macarena Rose ,and her incredibly talented real estate team for the past 21 years! I have been approached dozens of times, over the years by other real estate companies, to persuade me into moving my business over to their companies, the thought of doing this has never even crossed my mind!!! Thank you to the KW Rainforest team for all the great years of business and much more to come!

Louis Cappello


I admire the entire team at Keller Willims Rainforest. Macarena and the team go above and beyond to make sure your Real Estate needs are met with professionalism and enthusiasm. If you are considering ANY Real Estate needs in Belize, I HIGHLY recommend Keller Williams Rainforest. Macarena Rose was my Realtor when I moved here eleven years ago, and she is my Realtor now to sell my house. Relationships last with this company.



Macarena was friendly, enthusiastic, honest and confident. She tactfully ensured we had realistic expectations, while reassuring us that she would successfully sell our home. To be honest, we anticipated the sale process, itself, was going to be stressful, but Macarena's team of professionals took care of everything and the entire process was so painless, we're still in disbelief. We highly recommend the services of Macarena Rose with Keller Williams. Not only is Macarena very good at what she does, but she's a truly kind, caring and fun person to be around.

C. Kase


I recently purchased my dream property through Macarena Rose of Keller Williams Belize Rainforest Realty. My experience was very positive and Macarena provided personal, individualized outstanding service in a friendly and professional manner. Macarena Rose is an optimistic, can-do individual and the entire process was efficient and simple to work through. It was a pleasure doing business with her.

Philip Longacre


A great resource to know all about Belize. The environment, the politics, the banking, and the safest way to buy real estate in a foreign country. Trustworthy and hard working for you the client.

M. K. Dawson


 Macarena is advancing an entire lifestyle, and she can do it because of her personal experience. Rainforest Realty not only has a grasp on Belize real estate, but life in Belize because Macca has lived there as told in her personal chat clip. A most welcoming, refreshing site from the usual impersonal, contrived "personal caring" of most property-pushing-only reality companies.

Tyson Gardner


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